Social Media Strategy FY17-20

Digital Plan

Determine your goals for the project

  • What is the purpose of your social media channel, campaign, or post?
  • What do you want to achieve through your efforts?
  • What actions will help you reach those goals?

Choose content that has an emotional connection and resonance

  • Do you get excited about the story of this document?
  • Who is your audience? Find data to support this.

Let your content lead decision making

  • Choose the right platform based on the content
    • Ex: Is this a good post for Instagram?
    • Will it resonate with the audience of that platform?

Make the post the best it can be

  • Does it meet National Archives editorial and brand standards?

Include a call to action

  • Ask yourself: what do you want the reader to do? What emotional response are you trying to inspire?

Use metrics to plan, achieve, and measure success

  • Set concrete measures of success and a timeline.
  • Determine what tools you will use to measure your success. How will you know you have reached your goals?
  • Use these metrics to tell the story of how the campaign turned out.

Create an external distribution plan

  • Identify partners and influencers who will help you reach target audiences
  • Create a social media toolkit with pre-made content and prompts to share with partners for them to get involved in your campaign

Take time to reflect on lessons and success

  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Does your expectation match the analytics?
  • Tell the story of your findings in a summary. Share with your team and use to iterate future successful projects.

To ensure the greatest accessibility make sure that the content is available in the Catalog

[Helpful read on the importance of a digital plan:]