This draft strategic plan has been superceded by the final, approved strategic plan which is available here:

DRAFT FY 2018 - FY 2022 Strategic Plan
September 11, 2017

Strategic Goal 2. Connect with Customers

Connect with Customers challenges us to continuously improve customer service, cultivate public participation, and generate new understanding of the importance of records in a democracy. We continuously engage with and learn from our customers: individuals, organizations, and other Federal agencies. We build long-term and strategic customer relationships to ensure our services are valued by our customers and we work together to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

2.1 By FY 2020, 93 percent of customer requests will be ready within the promised time.

NARA strives to provide consistent, reliable, and reputable service in order to increase customer engagement and encourage customers to see NARA as a trusted partner. NARA provides service to a variety of public and Federal agency customers, including responding to reference requests, furnishing items in public research rooms, providing veterans and their families with copies of military separation documents (DD-214), and responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from the public.

NARA currently provides 93 percent of customer requests in the promised time as a weighted average across multiple services. However, NARA will be challenged to maintain this standard as the agency transitions to a fully-electronic environment. NARA is committed to maintaining its current high standards of customer service to maintain the trust and confidence of its customers.


  • Benchmark and revise standards for efficient and timely responses to requests.
  • Develop and baseline new metrics that better address overall customer satisfaction.
  • Migrate written correspondence and other off-site requests to an online solution.

Contributing Programs: Research Services; Agency Services; Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services; Office of General Counsel; Office of Innovation; Information Services.

2.2 By FY 2020, NARA will achieve a 90 percent satisfaction rating from participants in museum, outreach, educational, and public programming activities.

NARA engages with the public through museum exhibits, educational and public programs, online tools and services, and by soliciting public participation in agency initiatives. NARA measures public satisfaction and participation levels to understand the breadth of agency engagement with its customers and the public.

NARA consistently receives customer satisfaction ratings in the 90th percentile from museum visitors and participants in educational and public programs. NARA will be challenged to maintain high satisfaction ratings as it explores ways to coordinate engagement functions and activities across multiple delivery channels, including online.


  • Expand use of crowd-sourcing tools to improve public access and engagement.
  • Develop a national outreach program that promotes awareness of our holdings nationwide.

Contributing Programs: Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services; Office of Innovation.

2.3 By FY 2025, NARA will have 1 million records enhanced by citizen contributions to the National Archives Catalog.

NARA encourages the public to engage with their government and explore American history by contributing unique content to the online National Archives Catalog. NARA encourages members of the public to add “tags” and transcribe records to improve search results and to make handwritten or difficult-to-read text accessible for a wider audience.


  • Expand use of crowd-sourcing tools to improve public access and engagement.
  • Build capabilities in design and user experience to better understand user needs.

Contributing Programs: Office of Innovation.

2.4 By FY 2020, NARA will have policies and processes in place to support Federal agencies’ transition to fully electronic recordkeeping.

NARA’s success in meeting its strategic goals and objectives depends on the capability of its customer agencies to transform their programs and systems to support fully-electronic recordkeeping. NARA must enhance its support of Federal agency records management officials with effective policies, modern tools, and new services to support the transition to electronic records.


  • Conduct a business process reengineering to improve customer-facing functions of the Electronic Records Archive 2.0.
  • Provide Federal agencies with digitization guidance and “success criteria” for managing electronic records.
  • Develop Federal records management requirements and work with Federal and commercial vendors to incorporate the requirements into software applications and cloud offerings.

Contributing Programs: Agency Services; Information Services.