This draft strategic plan has been superceded by the final, approved strategic plan which is available here:

DRAFT FY 2018 - FY 2022 Strategic Plan
September 11, 2017

Transformational Outcomes

The NARA Transformation is a continuous process of reviewing and assessing the agency’s operations, programs, and strategic direction in order to transform NARA into a dynamic and modern agency. Transformation requires us to regularly engage external organizations, peer institutions, and our customers, in order to drive innovation and demonstrate leadership in electronic records management, archival science, and efficient operations. Transformation requires us to foster a new organizational culture that is agile and responsive to change, accepts risk, rewards innovation, and seeks continuous improvement.

NARA’s Transformation is guided by six “transformational outcomes” that describe how we will fulfill our mission in a modern environment.

One NARA — We will work as one NARA, not just as component parts.

Out in Front — We will embrace the primacy of electronic information in all facets of our work and position NARA to lead accordingly.

An Agency of Leaders — We will foster a culture of leadership, not just as a position but as the way we all conduct our work.

A Great Place to Work — We will transform NARA into a great place to work through trust and empowerment of all of our people, the agency’s most vital resource.

A Customer-Focused Organization — We will create structures and processes to allow our staff to more effectively meet the needs of our customers.

An Open NARA — We will open our organizational boundaries to learn from others.